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How long will it take before my property tax appeal is settled?

Due to the continuing economic downturn, this year – like the past several years- a record number of property owners have filed tax petitions. Below is a historical snapshot of the number of tax petitions filed with the Minnesota Tax Court:

2008 – 2,863 petitions filed
2009 – 4,671 petitions filed
2010 – 5,800 petitions filed
2011 – 6,000 petitions filed

As a result, this unprecedented number of petitions has overburdened the Tax Court staff even further. The Tax Court sets the cases for trial, and the petitions filed in 2014 will have first settings in the summer to late fall of 2015.

Because the county assessors are so backlogged, they generally will not even look at a case until it comes up for a first setting. At that point they are generally more receptive to beginning settlement negotiations. If a petition was filed on a property for pay 2014 or earlier, the assessor will generally want to settle all years petitioned at the same time, therefore, a subsequent pay 2015 petition could be settled before the first setting.

As frustrating as the process is, remember that when your case is settled, you will receive a refund for all overpaid taxes, along with applicable interest. The paperwork to process a refund check can take several months as it must be approved by the County attorney and the Tax Court and then be processed at the County Treasurer and Auditor’s offices.

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